Lindsay Mendez to defy gravity as Broadway’s next Elphaba in WICKED

is there a recording of the whole show that you know of? — Anonymous

We can’t give out that information. But I’m sure if you looked hard enough, you’d be able to find one. :)

do you by any chance have a video/ clip of morgan's performance of turn back o man or have a link to one? not the soundtrack, the actual performance. — Anonymous

Sorry - other than the filmed performance for the archives, I’m not aware of any video that exists. :(

was there concerns when Zoe Considine sang "turn back o man", since the song/dancing were a bit questionable for someone of her age? — Anonymous

The cast of 2032 performance was not a full performance of the show, instead it was a short medley of songs performed after curtain call. The performance began with “Prepare Ye” sung by the young Judas, which segued into “Save the People” and the entrance of the rest of the cast. The performance shifted to “Day by Day” and ended with a version of “Light of the World” that gave each of the kids a little solo. The performance can be found on YouTube.


“Bless the Lord” (Godspell) | Eric Michael Krop
January 20, 2013


Nick Blaemire and the Hustle, a really incredible R&B/funk/nerdsoul group out of New York are about to donate all of the proceeds from their upcoming holiday song to an organization that help ends gun violence. 

Everyone wants to get involved right now and I think this is a really great way to do so — it allows you to donate to a great charity and get an awesome tune as a thank you. Win/win, right?

Check out the site, learn more, and throw a few bucks their way. Every little bit helps.

We were all devastated after last week’s tragedy and this is one way that many of us who feel helpless can at least try to help.


GODSPELL (B’WAY) | theater I saw in 2012
Don't forget that when you get to Heaven you'll be blessed..


GODSPELL (B’WAY) | theater I saw in 2012

Don't forget that when you get to Heaven you'll be blessed..

Hey there! I'm working with Jennifer Isaacson, who is producing the concert premiere of Sam Carner and Derek Gregor's ISLAND SONG (starring the ever-fabulous Lindsay Mendez), to spread the word about both the concert itself and the Indiegogo campaign to support it. I was wondering if you would mind posting about them to get the word out to your followers? I have links to both in my most recent post (I'm so sorry, Tumblr won't let me post links). Thanks so much, and have a great day! apresledeluge

Yes! Of course!! Everyone, go check out the post about the concert here. Thanks for the info! :)